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N W P C is specialized in recruitment of experienced senior & middle level across industry having experience in the range of 3 to 14 years.

At NWPC we understand that every hire you make is critical to the success of your company. Hence we do a step-by-step approach to ensure that you receive the most highly qualified and competent candidates available against the requirement. Our approach attempts to solve your recruitment requirements by presenting you with the best fit as quickly as possible. By virtue of this our clients often enjoy lower recruitment costs and timely selections.

As a first step, we understand your Organization by studying your business, your products & Services, your Culture, your Competitors etc., to get a complete picture of the context. With this we will be able to analyze and attract the best match for your requirements.

N W P C recruiters will mine profiles from various sources, our own database, job portals, and referrals and will have a complete screening of the profiles.

Once prospective profiles are screened in, our Validation Team will make a preliminary evaluation of the candidates over telephone, briefing on the Clients requirements regarding role/challenges etc., as well as confirm on required parameters for processing.

Those short listed based on the processed, are routed to Client’s technical recruiters for further screening. If corporations/companies require further assistance, NWPC can also take over further assistance in terms of scheduling and co-ordinating interviews.

Our main objective is to assist our customers completely in the selection process, so as to 'on-board' the requisite number of skilled people in time.

We provide end to end recruitment solutions.